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Reasons to buy our Egyptian cotton knit clothing:

  • Quality premium cotton — the world's finest
  • Quality in manufacturing including no-sweat shop labor
  • High quality for a mid-range price

High Quality Premium Cotton — the World's Finest

Our clothes are both made and manufactured in Cairo, Egypt from the world’s finest ring-spun combed Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is “Extra Long Staple” or “ELS” cotton and is a type of "sea island cotton;" the extra long fibers make it better than other cheaper cotton options. It is even better than pima cotton. Egyptian cotton gives you a unique cotton-comfort experience. Enjoy the difference. Enjoy the quality and luxury.
When you feel it

With our clothing, you’ll feel the same great-feeling drape and durability that is behind the popularity of Egyptian cotton sheets and towels. As you live in our clothes, you’ll find Egyptian cotton pampers.

High Quality in Manufacturing = No sweat shops

We give attention to every aspect involved in manufacturing our cotton knit clothing. Operations at the factory overseen by ethical factory management. In addition to supervising each stage of production, all garments are inspected before leaving the factory. We constantly work on our quality to deliver optimum value.

Customer Feedback

"Received my three t-shirts. Excellent quality and so comfy at a good price. Good job:)


"I love them...they're wonderful shirts. They wash well, keep their shape, and they look good!"

---Bill Osewalt

"I got the T-shirts and love them!They are better and softer than my $50 Nordstrom's t-shirts."

---Fred Hoekstra

"I love the shirts I purchased from you, they feel great!! The best cotton shirts I've ever worn!!! Thanks so much!!"

---Reggie Banks

"Finer feeling, finer fit than any 'tee' I've ever worn."

---Sarah Wilde's husband

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